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CHILANKO FORKS OUTFITTERS: 2007 Pope & Young black bear Click to go to Taxidermy page


Knife Creek Taxidermy

Leave your big game trophy in the hands of an artist who truly knows and respects the animal you harvested.

Great outfitter, and awesome camp! I have been on several big game hunts and I can honestly say this was one of the best. Allan Tew (Al) does not give-up. Through Al's patience, perseverance, and experience our party was 100% successful; I have a beautiful mount to prove it. Al Tew has a remarkable ability to find game. Additionally, he was able to adapt the hunts to the hunters' physical abilities. The camp was well stocked with proper gear and good mounts for riding. The country was absolutely beautiful. – JD Schlandt


Outfitter, Allan Tew, with black bear measuring 19 8/16 Pope & Young Allan Tew, owner/outfitter and his wife Denise, of Chilanko Forks Outfitters, would like to invite you to join them in the beautiful Cariboo-Chilcotin area of British Columbia for your next hunting adventure.

(Right) Allan Tew: 19 8/16 Pope & Young black bear

There is beautiful scenery, experienced guides and great opportunities hunting black bear, moose, mule deer, cougar, mountain goat and wolf. We cater to your needs, whether you are a bowhunter, black powder or rifle hunter.

The main camp consists of rustic log cabins for hunters, clean and cosy. Spike camps are cabins or wall tents. There will be lots of good food prepared by a professional cook; and great conversation.

Allan Tew: Black bear, June 2010
There are also opportunities to hunt grouse, geese and ducks in the area.

(Left) Allan Tew: Black bear, June 2010

Allan and Denise are both avid hunters and enjoy the outdoors. Allan is an official Pope and Young measurer and has successfully harvested many Pope and Young trophies. During the off season they operate a successful taxidermy business, Knife Creek Taxidermy.

Moose - JD Schlandt 2005 Dave Hamilton 50 inch bull 2002

Hunted with Allan and Denise in Oct. of 2006 The camp was very comfortable, from the warm cabins to the excellent cook house. Allan and Dave showed me lots of moose with the bulls bellowing and fighting to cows calling. Ended up taking an excellent 44" bull. Everyone in camp tagged out. Allan and Denise did an awesome job and gave me a memory I will never forget! I hope to hunt again soon with them.

– Brian Craig,

Map of BC, showing how to reach our guiding area

Road travel times to our camp:

  • From Williams Lake: 2½ hrs.

  • From Vancouver: 8½ hrs.

  • From Seattle: 12½ hrs.

Tew family


Chilanko Forks Outfitters
Allan and Denise Tew

PO Box 19
Chilanko Forks  BC
V0L 1H0

(new) Phone Number: 250.481.1158

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